Top Art Galleries in Birmingham

Do you know which are the main art galleries in Birmingham? a city and metropolitan municipality that is part of the West Midlands of England; each of these spaces representing important art samples that are a reflection of the extensive cultural heritage that the United Kingdom has.

Importance of art galleries in Birmingham

Galleries play an important role in the artistic world, since they not only sell works of incalculable cultural value; but in turn allow them to be appreciated by the general public, offering them a complete education about this artistic discipline and the message transmitted through it.

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery was one of the first spaces in this city, dedicated to fine arts, metalwork, natural history, archaeology, ethnology, ceramics, local and industrial history with exhibitions accessible for a fee.

Its gallery exhibits outstanding works by important world painters such as Frederick Sandys, with Medea; Farewell to England, by Ford Madox Brown, The Star of Bethlehem created by Edward Burne-Jones, Christ Found in the Temple, by William Holman Hunt and The Stonecutter, by Henry Wallis among many others.

Top Art Galleries in Birmingham

Art lovers when visiting Birmingham, organize their itinerary with enough time to appreciate the various exhibitions that are part of each of the galleries available in this city; take note of the best of them:

Icon Gallery

It is a space dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art, with a large influx of lovers of new and innovative works, available in the city of Birmingham and whose admission is completely free.

Custard Factory

The Custard Factory is spread across 15 acres formerly used as Victorian factories, which have been restored to house this creative hub with countless independent shops, bars, restaurants, cafes and a brand new Mockingbird Cinema.

In this artistic space, great ideas are exhibited and innovative objects are made that are attractive to many people because they are objects with the potential to change the way the world is appreciated.

Mi dlandes Arts Center

It is another of the popular arts centers within the UK, providing programs for people to explore their inner artist with activities geared towards film, music, dance, theatre, comedy, recitals, exhibitions, special events and more.

Flat 8 Gallery

The exhibitions in this gallery offer a wide variety of styles combining Birmingham art shows, more vegan cuisine, South American works, photography, paintings, sculptures and more.

Gas Hall Exhibition Gallery

The gallery maintains an eclectic exhibition style, with exhibitions that are frequently updated, capturing new artists and offering attractive activities to its visitors, such as the Dippy Dinosaur tour among others.

ST Paul’s Gallery

A gallery in which you will find from samples of fine arts, to photography and music signed by their authors; It has online store functions with shipments to different parts of the world.

RBSA Gallery

The gallery is for charity and is run by the artists themselves who exhibit their works; It is located in the Birmingham Jewelery District and its entrance is completely free, for those who want to appreciate up close, interesting samples of their talent.

The Hive Heritage & Craft

When visiting Birmingham’s historic jewelery district, you will find this interesting gallery, where different handicrafts are exhibited and are available for the whole family.

It has areas where you can relax while enjoying a delicious coffee and then continue touring the space for its exhibitions, in a family atmosphere and with free admission.

Visit the city of Birmingham and discover that it has galleries for all tastes and ages; in which there is room for renowned works and many others who are beginning to take their first steps in this exciting world.

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