Susanne Hilberry Gallery

The Susanne Hilberry Gallery is a space dedicated to exhibiting artistic samples and records of their entire career in the art world, with detailed control of sales, documentation of their activity, outdoor exhibitions, itineraries and initiatives of which they have been a part; discover everything you need to know about their collections and much more.

What is Susanne Hilberry Gallery?

It is a gallery that houses 5.8 linear feet and with a capacity of 10.1 gigytes; samples of the artistic talent that has captured material beyond the city of Detroit.

It is an area similar to a training camp dedicated to providing the opportunity for art students and critics of this type of cultural expression, so that they can learn to observe and interact with each of the works in an analytical way; to adequately capture its essence.

Many of the works date from 1964 to 2017 and have been created by the likes of Nancy Mitchnick, Lynda Benglis, Richard Artschwager, Jun Kaneko, Italo Scanga, Ellen Phelan, Joel Shapiro, Judy Pfaff, Alex Katz, and Warren Mackenzie among a few others.

It has a series of collections that have been grouped following the correspondence of its artists and a large number of photographs, digital images and transparency that document the works exhibited in the gallery, created through digital video.

How have your collections been organized?

The collections are organized in 4 series with archives of artists from the year 1964 to 2017, following their commercial and personal correspondence; where a brief description of the work of each of them is offered, indicating the number of boxes and their pages.

For example, for the artist Magdalena Abakanowicz, there are her first works from the 1960s and a sculpture made between 1007 and 2001; contained in Box 1, Folder 1; where they can be appreciated by those interested in their work.

To enjoy a digital visit to this content, it is necessary to make a request to view the materials, select the box corresponding to the artist, whether they wish to enter the reading room where they will receive the complete box or see their reproductions.

In turn, the Susanne Hilberry Gallery allows users to browse specific parts of its collection and even has a PDF that offers complete help to learn how to move around its platform and quickly find the page that is of interest. .

You will find another example of his collections entering, for example, the works of Ron Gorchov where one of his records is paintings around the year 1977 with an image next to its description, which indicates that it has been digitized and is organized in a box with 33 pages.

In turn, the transparency and slides have been archived in a similar way; as well as collective exhibitions and group shows; that have records of each of these events, all their planning and procedures, in addition to other promotional materials such as invitations, price lists and information pertaining to the sales made.

The gallery represented an impulse for new artistic tendencies that were not exhibited in other spaces, but that were a sample of the local talent of the arts of Detroit and its surroundings thanks to the idea of ​​Susanne Hilberry who inaugurated it in Birmingham during the year of 1976.

Nowadays it is possible to know everything related to the artists and their works that make up the collections exhibited at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery, through a dynamic online digital platform.
It is a new way of appreciating artistic talent and interpreting representative samples of visual art from the United States; to build and maintain its cultural heritage from generation to generation. Find more information about it on our page.